Education & Responsibility

Content source: American Financial Services Association

Clarity and transparency should be prioritized in all credit transactions.  Responsible lending is transparent lending.

Responsible underwriting procedures intended to make a reasonable assessment of the customer's ability to pay should be employed in any extension of credit.

The success of a consumer credit company should be based on the performance of its loans and the satisfaction of its customers.  Responsible lenders do not look to benefit from loans that fail, nor that create a cycle of debt.

Financial education should be taught in schools.  That's why GFSA has a long-standing relationship with the Georgia Council on Economic Education, a group that prepares teachers to teach economics so that students grow up to be financially literate.

Society needs to reinforce responsible borrowing practices and emphasize accountability in personal decision-making.  Click the AFSA Education Foundation link below for free financial planning resources, including budget worksheets and brochures explaining a variety of consumer credit products.